• Clayton Foss

    Clayton Foss

  • Bradford Lee

    Bradford Lee

  • Daniel Weiss

    Daniel Weiss

    Insurance person, metal head, blockchain enthusiast, dad, husband. Not necessarily in that order. Co-Owner and director at versicherungsbuero-weiss.com.

  • Tara Kelly

    Tara Kelly

    Data editor at European Journalism Centre | DataJournalism.com. Podcast host of Conversations with Data. Formerly CNN, HuffPost & TIME. TaraKellyMedia.com

  • Cordaryl Cook

    Cordaryl Cook

  • Lyubomyr (Lou) Reverchuk

    Lyubomyr (Lou) Reverchuk

    Daddy of my #babygirl. Your IT labor guy at https://echoua.com. The little #traveller. Avid #squash player.

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